About Us
About Us
Growing up in a house full of pins, Alice was always dressed in individual outfits created by her mother, who often recycled her own mother’s clothes on account of their beautiful fabrics.
So designing and sewing is in the blood... a career in theatre and costume design then led via a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway Express to the creation of a Made to Measure clothing business that also offered colour and style consultations. Now the business is 21 years old and Alice has designed thousands of outfits, both for special occasions and to make her clients feel special even on a boring Monday morning.
Behind the scenes is our North London workshop. Here a skilled team of cutters and seamstresses beaver away to produce lovely outfits that are fitted and collected in our Islington studio, where there also happens to be a resident milliner.

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Alice’s creations are great quality and great value too…

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Alice’s designs are innovative and trendy…

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